Deb Bolstad

Reiki Master | Reiki Teacher | Reiki Healings | Mediumship Readings 

I offer you my services with over 40 years of experience as a Reiki Master,Teacher and trained Life Coach, offering Reiki Healings, Reiki Lessons and Mediumship Readings. Your loved ones will use me to bring you confirmation they go on, giving you messages to help you with any life-long questions and information about the future.

In your reading, you will be given tools to start developing yourself spiritually if you want to.

You will enjoy the healing energy of Reiki while receiving your reading.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with our range of transformative offerings. Whether you seek insights from Mediumship Readings, the soothing energy of Reiki Healing Sessions, empowerment through Reiki Attunement/Training, or personalized Spiritual Development sessions, each experience is crafted to guide you towards greater clarity, balance, and spiritual growth.

I offer services in person, over the phone or online.


Gain profound insights and messages from your loved ones, offering guidance and answers to your life’s questions.

$80 / 1 hour

Reiki Healing

Immerse yourself in a healing experience that combines the power of touch with spiritual energy to promote wellness and balance.

$80 / 1 hour

Reiki Attunement/ Training

Unlock the potential of Reiki energy with 1 hour attunement and 1 day hand placement training, from Level 1 to Master Level 1.


Spiritually Development Training

Receive one-on-one training in honing your spiritual gifts, and empowering you to explore and expand your self-sufficient spirituality.

$100.00 / 1 hour

I do not receive or pass on anything you don’t want talked about.¬† Spirit respects this and already knows what you want to know and need.


I have had several readings from Deb over the last 5 years she has always been able to answer my questions and has brought through those of my passed-over family and friends I wish to hear from. Her readings have always been for my highest good and understanding. They have been on point and I have been amazed at how she knows what I want in my reading and who I wish to hear from. I am now developing spiritually with her and learning how to use my gifts. Sending you love and blessings.

Traci - Christchurch